Thursday, 29 September 2011

Re-opening the wells

News has reached my ears that a rumour is abroad that the "Old Wells" have run dry since it is July since I put anything new on it.

I actually don't always find blogging an easy thing to do. It's not that I don't have any thoughts or that there is nothing to say. People who know me well say that I always have something to say! It's just that sometimes the things that are uppermost in my mind cannot be shared because of the senstive nature of pastoral ministry. At other times in life there is just so much other stuff going on that there is no time to write about the stuff that is going on. It's has been all of that that has prevented me blogging in August and September.

Anyway I hope to be back regulalry from October and to blog as often as I can with a weekly Cell Group notes, some of the exciting things happening in Pill and hopefully just some general musings about walking with Jesus.

And since now I've started and it feels good to be back, I'd just like to say that today I have been married to Alan Young for 32 years today. How we have managed this is by the grace of God and the fact that we laugh a lot!

A few weeks ago Alan was leading the morning meeting at Pill and introduced the first song, "How great thou art" by very seriously saying, "This is a special song for Carol and I because we had it at out wedding!" to which my response was, "No we didn't!" Obviously the years with me have taken their toll on his little grey memory cells, either that or there is another wife somewhere, that sang this song with him:)

The song we actually sang was "I know thee who thou art" by Albert Orsborn and (now he's remembered) Alan could really say that it is a very special song for us because we also sang it on our Covenant Day before our Commissioning in 1982.

Here's reminder of the words.

I know thee who thou art
And what they healing name
For when my fainting heart
The burden nigh o'ercame
I saw thy footprints on my road
Where lately passed the Son of God

They name is joined with mine
By every human tie
And my new name is thine
A child of God am I;
And never more alone since thou
Art on the road beside me now

Beside thee as I walk
I will delight in thee
In sweet communion talk
Of all thou art to me;
The beauty of thy face behold
And know thy mercies manifold.

Let nothing draw me back
Of turn my heart from thee,
But by the Calvary track
Bring me at last to see
The courts of God, that city fair
And find my name is written there.

God bless