Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Well did my husband give it some on Sunday night or what! He was rattling!

Now I have to be careful here because rattling was term used in the prison service for someone coming off hard drugs and I want to assure you that it was not that kind of rattle!

He was preaching on Exekiel 37. It is a stark reality that in the UK at this times the majoirty of the popluation are as spiritually dead as those bleached old bones in Ezekiel's vision. That's my neighbours, people in my family, people I meet in the supermarket, at the library and at parent and toddlers.

But we were also encouaged to listen out for sound of dry bones coming together and to pray that the breathe of God might bring new life and to raise a mighty army.

OK so everyone preaches on Ezekiel 37 when they want to talk about revival. Well why not. We need rattling when "God has been banished from our national thinking and we are not paying the price." (http://www.maranthacommunity.org.uk/)

God bless


Thursday, 21 February 2008

One Step Beyond

This is our good mate Gram Seen and One Step Beyond is a new book that tells the story of his journey from near death to new life. I first met Gram when I invited him to come and talk to a group of young offenders, whilst I was doing Prison Chaplaincy. The lads sat in the chapel and listened to him, open mouthed for an hour and a half! Since that first meeting I worked with Gram many times and his testimony of the miraculous way Jesus changed his life and continues to impact his life always had an effect on those who listened to him. He is a very precious brother in Christ

Read this book.

Read it if you are not a Christian and you want to know if Jesus can really change lives.

Read it if you are a Christian and you have stopped believing that God changes sinners into saints.

Read it if you are an evangelist and you need to understand what drives people to live the way Gram lived and how to reach them with the gospel.

Give this book or the DVD to people who don't know Jesus and to awaken Christians to believe again that God still performs miracles.

God bless


Wednesday, 20 February 2008


We've just got back from a few days away in London, staying with Katie. Hayley also joined us, Katie's boyfriend Chris came over for a couple of evenings and we spend Sunday with Andrew and Tracy Bale at Dartford.

It was good to meet up and just be with family and friends but there is that special fellowship that exists between us all because of our shared love for Jesus and our passion for mission. We are loving our work in Pill. There are just not enough hours in the day to do all that is on our hearts. Katie and Chris are praying and exploring new ideas about how to reach out to the lost at the heart of the capital, through their service at Regent Hall corps. Hayley is excited about being part of the SA in Colchester and witnessing to her uni friends. Andrew and Tracy are living and breathing salvation and holiness in Dartford.

Whilst away I read a biography of George Whitefield, who spent a lot of time preaching and seeing thousands comes to faith in Bristol. The book is, of course full of tales of revival. It made me cry, it made me hungry and it's increased the intensity of my prayers.

Send a new touch of power Lord, to Regent Hall Corps, Colchester, Pill, Dartford and wherever you are.

God bless


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

New friends

I skipped Home League today and had another ladies meeting in a womens refuge in the city. Well actually it wasn't exactly a meeting, more of a getting to know you chat, by the open door, whilst they smoked their roll ups. The conversation about the week they had just spent wasn't quite the same as the conversation I might have had with the HL ladies!! One of my new friends had just got back from a new AA group and is celebrating because she hasn't had any alcohol for 5 weeks, another is kicking herself because she had just had a crazy binge on smack and another I heard is pregnant. All this, of course laced with colourful language and details that if my home league ladies were present would mean they wouldn't need to go and get their hair permed ever again! These are very needy women with very messy lives.

Somethings were just the same. I witnessed their acts of kindness to one another, we talked about our children and we talked about prayer.

And you know something else, our Home League ladies probably won't get to meet my new friends but I know that if I ask them they will pray for them. They are good like that.

God bless