Thursday, 27 August 2009

Still saying thank you

I am still compiling my list of 100 thank you's. It is taking me some time to get round to it because we are still not back in our quarters and have no internet access for blogging where we stay. I am trying to "rejoice in the Lord always" about the length of time it is taking to complete the work on the house. In spite of some frustration there is still a lot to say thank you for.

Here are the next 25

1. Thoughtful people

2.The ability to hear

3. The gifts of the Spirit

4. Kindness

5. Ducks

6. Seeing a kingfisher, outside my window. (wow)

7. Storytellers

8. Salvation Army Sundays

9. The fact that God has a plan

10. Marizpan (I love it)

11. For Bethel experiences (I have been studying the life of Jacob)

12. That God is an inspiring teacher

13. Hope

14. The international Salvation Army. Hayley travelled to the USA on Tuesday to begin a year of study. She was met by Salvationists, who were overwhemingly kind. It is amazing to be part of such a huge family.

15. My sister in laws sense of humour.

16. Digital radio

17. Vinegar ( I have discovered just how brilliant it is at getting rid of limescale.)

18. You tube

19. The Alpha Course

20. Teamwork

21. A vote

22. Knowing God's strength is made perfect in weakness

23. Getting into fresh sheets

24. Pat Grindon's soup (delicious)

25. A sense of achievement

God bless.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Weekly Update

This blog is turning into a weekly thing due to being away from home and sheer busyness.

So anyway here is the latest from Pill.

Showstoppers Holiday Club.

We have had a fantastic week yet again this year. Leaders and helpers all working hard and about 50 children each day. As usual it has been exhausting but amazing.
Pictures can be found at Tonight the children return for the Celebration Evening with their parents and we are hoping some will also come on Sunday.


The on going saga of our quarters refurbishment continues. After some delays we moved out at the beginning of June, whilst renovations on the house were done, expecting that this would take about a month. We now expect to return at the end of August. We have been very comfortable in the flat at Smallcombe House and of we love Bath, our home town, but we will be glad to get back into our own home and our own community.

Next week we are having some time off. We will hang about Bath, travel up to Yorkshire to see some friends and London to stay with Katie. I'm really looking forward to the rest.

Hayley is counting down the days now until she leaves for her big adventure to the USA. She is off to Michigan University to study history for a year. We think that we have ticked all the boxes on the tick list. Hope so anyway.

God bless