Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back home, back to normal?

We moved back into our quarters properly on Monday. We are not yet organised and the grass out of the front window, needs major attention but we are back!!!

Back to normal? Well, that's a hard one, in one sense because no one week is the same as another for a Corps officer. However, before we moved I had put in place a framework to my day to day life that I found worked for me. Proximity to the hall and the village, access to the internet and having my house in order also helped to maximize my energies and time. Whilst being out of our quarters and living an hours drive away it has at times felt like I have had my wings clipped.

Although I have maintained my prayer life, the level of study I have been able to do has not been what I have been used to. Also my wider vision has been narrowed whilst out of our appointment. It has been hard enough to keep the local scene going and my involvement in Prayer Patrol, connection to the prayer networks I belong to and writing about the things I am passionate about on this blog have all been curtailed. So forget change being as good as a rest, normal routine sounds just fantastic.

God bless


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lack of blogs

Apologies for lack of blogs.

Moving back to quarters, doing all the usual stuff and Annual Appeal..........................

Hoping life gets back to its old routine very soon.

God bless


Friday, 11 September 2009

The Last 25

We're back in Blighty after a great holiday and so my last 25 thank you's may have a bit of a French flavour.

1. Patisseries

2. The wildness of the ocean

3. Maps

4. Managing to make myself understood despite my terrible French.

5. The gift of a home from home for ten days

6. Being able to get up late without a guilty conscience

7. Going away and coming home across the sea without Alan being seasick!

8. Our Corps prayer room

9. Intercessors

10. That in the love of Jesus is perfect rest

11. Piano lessons when I was a child so that now I can use a keyboard to help me to worship.

12. Silence and noise. We need stillness in our noisy world but I do love really loud music.

13. Which brings me to the Wellingtonian March. It always stirs something in me, especially the
end to which as cadets we always sang My Jesus I love thee. It is best played really loud!!!

14. Access to the throne room of God, anywhere.

15. That we can relate to God as Father, Son and Spirit. There is a completeness in him. God
lacks nothing.

16. The joy of praying with others and sensing the Spirit's presence in the midst.

17. That when we act on our convictions God doesn't let us down.

18. New things beginning - old things restored.

19. Comfortable shoes

20. Brave Christians who stand up for Jesus against incredible persecution.

21. Peacemakers

22. A word in season

23. Quirky things. - Like this morning I saw a notice outside a garden centre that said, "Massive plant sale." Now it may just be my brain but I immediately imagined some poor gardener struggling to his car groaning under the wait of a twenty foot high geranium rather than what I think they meant to convey which, was that they had lots and lots of plants for sale.

24. Fascinating things. I read a great book on holiday called "Attention all Shipping." It is a book
in which the author visits all the areas covered by the Shipping Forecast.

25. Progress on the house. The man was putting the fence up this morning, which means I hope that the inside is finished!! Will find out later.

God bless