Monday, 21 May 2007

Cousins, Covenants and Commissioning

It's been quite a week-end. On Saturday we attended a family wedding. My cousin Liz and her husband Ivan are officers engaged in mission at the inner city corps of Sheffield Castle Corps. Their daughter Sarah married Matt, and it was lovely to be present as the happy couple entered into their marriage covenant.

It was also a chance to catch up with my other cousins, Liz's brothers and sister whom we rarely get to see because we all live so far apart. They feature regularly in my prayers for prodigals though. I keep on believing.

It was then down to London, to stay overnight at our Katie's and Sunday morning found us focussing on covenants again at the re-Commissioning of our session mate, Andrew Bale. We have journeyed with him through the process that led to this great occasion and I felt a bit like the proud parents at the wedding the day before.

What was it that got me, the one who is known in our family for not getting emotional to get the hankies out? Was it that in one weeks time we celebrate 25 years as officers and Andrew is able to rejoice with us as an officer? Was it little Bethany's prayer that Daddy will keep his covenant this time? Was it the sight of Commissioner Denis Hunter making his way the the mercy seat? Was it kneeling at the mercy seat with Alan, renewing out own officer covenant?

I don't know. I only know God is the great Redeemer. He is faithful. He is at work and I am excited about the next 25 years.

God bless


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petros said...

Hi Carol ( & ALAN :-))
What a weekend .....Wow!
It must be such a 'thrill (if that's the right word) for all of you that were close to Andrew Bale, to have been able to support him as he commits his life to God. I was looking forward to meeting him in October but it now looks as if we will be away (I sent an e-mail but you may not have got it as the Army e-mails were all down over the week-end) I'm so glad the wedding went well and before I forget well done on 25 years Officership. You are so much 'wrapped' in our prayers at this time and also your Corps , and I guess that's an additional 'emotion' that is perhaps hidden. We are excited about you joining us as part of our family here at Pill
God Bless luv 'Pete from Pill'