Monday, 14 May 2007

True Soldiers Fight

Alan preached on being God's soldiers on Sunday. He included this classic quote from Bill Booth

"A good soldier of Jesus Christ is always a fighting man. This assertion may sound strange and unnecessary, but it is not so. In ordinary armies there are, beyond a doubt, hosts who don't mean war- the wages, the shining clothes, the idle life, the music, the promenade, with all the pomp and parade of war and as much more of the same kind as you will; but no fighting, if you please........................

Look at these fourteen hundred millions of our fellow men (world population in 1879) mostly in the arms and power of the foul usurper of Hell who has largely his own way with them, making this possible paradise into blackest and most hellish perdition here, and dragging multitudes down to the deeper depths of all possible woe hereafter. What do Jesus and the angels say of this long-standing army of professed soldiers of Jehovah who look on and sing and speak and read and understand all about the actual condition of things and are so very contented and do so little fighting to prevent and hinder and deliver? Oh what can we say of the professed followers of Jesus Christ who don't fight? who don't fight when they are wanted, who don't fight their way throught the darkness and devils to the salvation or a redeemed world. That they are orthodox, learned, theological, ornamental? Say anything and everything but don't call them soldiers for without excuses and self-consideration of health or limb or life, true soldiers fight, live to fight, love to fight, love the thickest of the fight and die in the midst of it."

God bless



Andrew Bale said...

Absolutely fantastic quote Carol - thanks for this - I will put in my 'evil day' box!

Love and prayers


Captain Andrew Clark said...

Its good to know that Pill won't be devoid of their Booth propeganda now and again! :o)

yours on the Pill front,

Andrew C