Monday, 24 September 2007


Earlier this year I spent a week in Ethiopia. It was an amazing experience. As well as visitng a number of prisons I was privileged to attend a conference for Pastors led by our good friend Kingsley Armstrong. In one of the sessions Kingsley challenged us to think about what it was that God was asking us to ask him. In a Holy Spirit charged atmosphere the question that immediately came ito my mind was, " Is Bristol still involved in the slave trade?"

Now when you ask questions like that of God, you know that God is not just going to say yeas or no and leave it at that. I knew that the question had implications for me in terms of getting involved in ministry with women, who may have been trafficked, involved in prostitution or abused in some way once we were living in the Bristol area.

The Lord has already given me some contacts and in the light of my comments yesterday about going at his pace I will be following them up in the next few weeks. In the mean time I am joining in the General's call to pray about the crime of human trafficking and asking the Lord to keep that question alive in my heart.

God bless


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