Monday, 29 October 2007

Holiness Testimonies

Andrew Bale over at "Beyond the Brook" is asking for testimonies to the blessing of holiness so here is mine

I believe that Jesus saves me from sin and sinning.
I have loved Jesus all my life and asked him to be my Saviour at the age of 7. Since a young child I struggled with fear and anxiety rooted in pride. This resulted in a great deal of my time and energy being expended upon avoiding situations where I might fail and look foolish, gaining a sense of worth from hard work and trying to control situations and others that might threaten my carefully constructed "safe" world. I tried many times to get rid of my fear and worry and asked God's forgiveness many times for my failure to trust him and witness for him. For years I did not connect my struggle to pride but it was that which was at the core of the problem. When I surrendered pride at the altar I was set free and the Holy Spirit gave me his power and love. It was an instantaneous experience which was followed by my making changes in lifestyle and patterns of behaviour. Free from sin and filled with the Holy Spirit. It began with a specific and critical moment of surrender and I remain free and filled through the Holy Spirit prompting me and helping me to make a daily surrender of my life to him.

God bless


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Esther said...

I enjoyed your testimony. I tried doing that with my pride but nothing much has happened so far.