Monday, 1 October 2007

Jesus on the Library

I was walking back from the hall today and as I approached the local Library there facing me, covering a broken window was a poster size picture of Jesus. I don't know who put it there or why but it was a bit of a surprise to see him on a secular building in these politically correct days.

Its always good to see Jesus at the heart of a community, the real person of course and not just a picture.

Yesterday we began a new series looking at our essential values, the first one of which is appropriately, Jesus at the centre!

Last week was a busy week again. We finished Annual Appeal, with an increased total. Thank you Lord and everyone who worked so hard. We had Parent and Toddler groups, kids clubs and Ladies meetings, and all kinds of meetings, all the stuff that goes on in a Corps. We heard from old friends and caught up with family. At the end of the week we celebrated Alan's birthday and our 28th wedding anniversary. Yesterday our Corps worshipped, prayed, met around the word and it was good. This morning among a host of other things, I said good bye to Hayley who went off to start her first year at Uni, had a good long chat with a Mum and listened to the pain of someone who has just lost his Dad.

And I'm really so glad that Jesus was there in it all, at the centre.

God bless


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Esther said...

Salvation armys commander to pakistan shot dead.
Norwegian born Colonel Bo Brekke, 50, was killed Thursday, September 27, shortly after he chaired a meeting at The Salvation Army headquarters in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province and Pakistan's second largest city, reported the Swiss-based Adventist Press Service (APD).
Colonel Birgitte Brekke, was in London at the time, attending meetings at The Salvation Army's international headquarters, APD said. She flew to Norway to meet with her two sons.
Prayers for his wife and sons please.