Sunday, 16 December 2007

Model it

In recent days I have been increasingly aware of the need to lead by example. It is so easy to complain that people are not as enthusiastic as they ought to be or as committed or as cheerful. It came home to me that this is not always because they don't want to be but because they think low key Christianity is normal and they may not have seen anything else. So my motto in these days is this, Model it.

If you want to see something happen in others, model it for them. If you want to see openness in prayer, model it.

If you want to see freedom in worship, model it.

If you want to honesty and openness in relationships, model it in your own.

If you want to see a mobilised corps, model enthusiasm and willingness yourself.

If you want to see a servant spirit among God's people, be a servant,

If you long to see the mercy seat used to seek salvation, holiness and the fulness of the Spirit, use it yourself.

Show the way to others.

God bless


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