Thursday, 25 November 2010

Age in general and the General's age

According to an article my husband Alan tore out of a magazine at his sisters house, the middle aged brain is smarter that you'd expect. For years it was believed that our brains peaked in our mid 20's but now it is believed by experts that we are cleverest between the ages of 40 and 65!

They also say the mid-life crisis is a myth and that our sense of well being increases with age and we become more optimistic. By the time we reach this age our brains tend to focus more on what can be done rather than learning what we should be afraid of.

If all this is true, and being 50 myself I of course would love to think it is so, is it a good case for the Salvation Army to consider re-evaluating the age at which a candidate is most suitable to be elected General?

What do you think?

God bless



armybarmy said...

All the generals have been elected in the 40-65 age range. It looks like we've been science to the point, again. Much grace.

rehoboth said...

You're right of course, (My 50 year old brain obviously not working well) I suppose I was thinking that by the time they complete their term Generals are usually past 65, The other thing of course is that alhtough technically anyone can be elected General, the reality is that the person has had to have had enough Territorial leadership experience to qualify for the role, which takes them towards the higher end of the age range.

Anyway praying for the next High Council that God will give them the wisdom they need.

God bless