Thursday, 21 February 2008

One Step Beyond

This is our good mate Gram Seen and One Step Beyond is a new book that tells the story of his journey from near death to new life. I first met Gram when I invited him to come and talk to a group of young offenders, whilst I was doing Prison Chaplaincy. The lads sat in the chapel and listened to him, open mouthed for an hour and a half! Since that first meeting I worked with Gram many times and his testimony of the miraculous way Jesus changed his life and continues to impact his life always had an effect on those who listened to him. He is a very precious brother in Christ

Read this book.

Read it if you are not a Christian and you want to know if Jesus can really change lives.

Read it if you are a Christian and you have stopped believing that God changes sinners into saints.

Read it if you are an evangelist and you need to understand what drives people to live the way Gram lived and how to reach them with the gospel.

Give this book or the DVD to people who don't know Jesus and to awaken Christians to believe again that God still performs miracles.

God bless


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Andrew Bale said...

I will get a copy and read it!!!

Love and prayers