Wednesday, 6 February 2008

New friends

I skipped Home League today and had another ladies meeting in a womens refuge in the city. Well actually it wasn't exactly a meeting, more of a getting to know you chat, by the open door, whilst they smoked their roll ups. The conversation about the week they had just spent wasn't quite the same as the conversation I might have had with the HL ladies!! One of my new friends had just got back from a new AA group and is celebrating because she hasn't had any alcohol for 5 weeks, another is kicking herself because she had just had a crazy binge on smack and another I heard is pregnant. All this, of course laced with colourful language and details that if my home league ladies were present would mean they wouldn't need to go and get their hair permed ever again! These are very needy women with very messy lives.

Somethings were just the same. I witnessed their acts of kindness to one another, we talked about our children and we talked about prayer.

And you know something else, our Home League ladies probably won't get to meet my new friends but I know that if I ask them they will pray for them. They are good like that.

God bless


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