Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Well did my husband give it some on Sunday night or what! He was rattling!

Now I have to be careful here because rattling was term used in the prison service for someone coming off hard drugs and I want to assure you that it was not that kind of rattle!

He was preaching on Exekiel 37. It is a stark reality that in the UK at this times the majoirty of the popluation are as spiritually dead as those bleached old bones in Ezekiel's vision. That's my neighbours, people in my family, people I meet in the supermarket, at the library and at parent and toddlers.

But we were also encouaged to listen out for sound of dry bones coming together and to pray that the breathe of God might bring new life and to raise a mighty army.

OK so everyone preaches on Ezekiel 37 when they want to talk about revival. Well why not. We need rattling when "God has been banished from our national thinking and we are not paying the price." (http://www.maranthacommunity.org.uk/)

God bless


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