Saturday, 10 May 2008

All quiet on the western blog front.

Apologies everyone for the lack of blogs from me down here in the west country. I can only plead busyness. There is just a lot to do and the majority of it purposeful building kingdom stuff so blogging slipped down the agenda. We also seem to be going through a period when both members of corps and people closely connected with us have been seriously ill. We seem to be keeping Southmead Hospital in business at the moment.

Part of my busyness has also been preparing for meetings and it has been good to get into God's word. It's always great when the message that you believe God is giving you for your people really challenges and blesses you too.

Last week I was convicted about the need to draw attention to the fact that although Jesus completed the work of redemption on earth, his ascension into heaven didn't mean that he was now in heaven for a "nice sit down" (at the right hand of the Father) and a cup of tea. It was reading good old Andrew Murray that stirred me up to look at the work of Jesus in heaven. Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father in a position of honour, he is in heaven actively ruling the earth, sustaining life with his word, preparing a place for us so that we can enjoy the privileges of heavenly citizenship on earth, he is constanly praying for us and mediates for us with the Father and much more. How good is that?

The challenge however is this quote from Andrew Murray

" All the feebleness of our Christian life is owing to one thing: We do not know Jesus in heaven. We do not know that Jesus has entered in and that this secures to us boldness and the power of entrance into a heavenly state of life that he sits there upon the throne as our High Priest in power, maintaining in us his own heavenly life and keeping up in personal fellowship with the living Father so that in him we too may enter the rest of God.”

I'm also excited by the fact that we just had 24 hour prayer at Pill Corps yesterday and today. We engaged in some intense, heartfelt and I believe Spirit led prayer. If God does half of what we prayed for we will be truly blessed.

God bless


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