Saturday, 17 May 2008

Prayer Please!

I am due to fly out to Ivory Coast on Monday 27th May. The intention is to gain an insight into the work among prostitutes that a local church is engaged in, in Abidjan.

The opportunity arose out of my trip last year to Ethiopia, when God spoke to me very clearly about modern day slavery, in partcular the issue of sexual trafficking. I happened to be with Rev Kingsley Armstrong who is president of an organisation called International Gospel Outreach, which supports missions around the world. On hearing of my interest in this issue I was invited to accompany him on his next trip to Abidjan.

A problem has arisen however over our visas. Our applications submitted in ample time were returned only on Friday with the instruction that we need to apply in person for the visas at the Embassy in London. With a week to go we are praying that we can just turn up and they will issue them on the same day. It has proved impossible to get through to speak to anyone on the phone and Kingsley is in the USA until Tuesday so time is really tight.

Please could you pray that this difficulty will be overcome. I sense that the trip will be a very significant one for me if I can get there. In addition it would be a dreadful if all the resources already expended were wasted.

Thank you

God bless


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Simon Peter said...

All the best!! I'll keep you in my thoughts and my prayers.

I also pray that you will have some ability to make a difference in their lives, if and when you find them!

God bless