Friday, 1 June 2007

Back to the beginning

On the 28th May 1982 we were commissioned as officers and given our first appointment to Alderney in the Channel Islands, where we began our ministry. 25 years later it was a wonderful to return to this beautiful place and meet up with some of the people it was our privilege to serve with. Charlie Greenslade is still the CSM and has been holding things together whilst for the last 7 years they have not had officer leadership. However they are looking forward to a lieutenant arriving in August. Hallelujah!
The hall did not look so very different from when we were there and we were pleased to see that the mercy seat still bears the message "Holiness unto the Lord" After the meeting the 86 year old retired HLT came up and shared with me how one Sunday last year the Holy Spirit visited her in a way she had never experienced before and as she made her way to that same mercy seat filled her with his power. Hallelujah again!
God bless Alderney

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