Thursday, 7 June 2007


"An earthly doctor cures his patients by making him better every day but conversion is God's work on man that transforms him from being a child of Satan to being a son of God. Conversion is a turning around, a being something I was not before. It is having new motive, power, new hopes, desires, relationships, going on a new road, sailing to a new port, having a new owner, being under fresh orders, having another paymaster, fighting under another Captain. Before it was self for self. Now it is self for God. Before it was justification of self now it is condemnation of self. Before it was condemnation by God, no it is justification by God. Conversion touches the very root of self and it is a revoution of the whole being, a fundamental change of every principle of life."

From "The Travellers Guide from Death to Life"
Compiled by Mrs Stephen Menzies.
The British Gospel Book Association

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Andrew Bale said...

Hi Carol - what a great definition of holiness!

Love and prayers