Monday, 11 June 2007

Nothing like it

It was my privilege lead a young prisoner into salvation yesterday. When he came forward for prayer he didn't know what to do but when I said that he could pray the prayer of committment standing up, sitting down or kneeling. He chose to kneel. So in the middle of chapel, we both knelt and it's not allowed but I put my arm round his shoulders and he sincerely asked the Lord into his life. We then stood to pray as he received the Holy Spirit.

All five in the group received prayer and another asked the Lord into his life for the first time.

I do a lot of things as a Salvation Army officer but there is nothing that can top leading someone to Christ. However many times you do it (and its not often enough) the joy is unbeatable.

God bless



armybarmy said...

hallelujah! grace

petros said...

God Bless you and I'll add that young lad to my prayer list

Captain Andrew Clark said...

Hallelujah...there is more joy over one who repents than 99 who don't need to! Celebrating in your party with you!

Looking forward to having you here in Pill...I'm only sorry that you coming means we have to go!!!! :)

Will be in touch soonish to talk about moving logistics!

blessings to you both

Andrew C

Ann said...

Continuing to pray for all those lads you mentioned in your post a while ago (and more recently) and I praise God for His faithfulness in drawing those lads to Himself because of your faithfulness in lifting Jesus high in that place.
God bless,