Friday, 29 June 2007

Standing in grace

I read these wise words from 1 Peter 5:12 this morning, "This is the true grace of God. Stand fast in it."

Grace is amazing but we often tend to think of it as what we need to obtain our salvation, like entry tickets to a show. But it's not a one off gift into a temporary experience, its what we need to live a life for all eternity. I love the idea that we stand in grace, supported by it, submerged in it, sustained by it. Hallelujah

Apologies for the lack of blogs. Life is just too busy.

God bless



Linda said...

I saw your apology and smiled. I am sure the other things you have been doing are worthwhile. GOd bless you and your work

Alan C. Young said...

Sorry, Carol has been unable to post a blog, at the moment we have no internet access. As soon as we are up and runninmg the blogs will appear.

God bless

Esther said...
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