Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Committment Sunday

We had a good day on Sunday with many of our congregation coming forward to the mercy seat to sign their committment cards. It felt like the presence of the Lord was hovering over us all day. Thank you Lord.

We liked the theme of joyful in hope that the Army suggested as sometime ago we really felt that the Lord was saying that just as he gave Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, whose name means Laughter, so he wanted to give the gift of laughter to Pill Corps. This was so that our joy might be infectious in our community and to help us to"spread out to the right and to the left"(Is 54:3)
as he has instructed us.

This is not to deny that there are those among us who are having a tough time because at the same time the Lord is teaching us to be real and not to pretend with one another. Somehow with God's help we are finding, as Alan preached on Sunday to share Paul's testimony, "We are sorrowful yet always rejoicing, poor yet making many rich, having nothing and yet possessing everything. "
(2 Cor 1o:10)

God bless



Captain Andrew Clark said...

It shouldn't really surprise us that the Lord is remarkably consistant, should it? Praise God for all he is continuing to do in Pill. We give thanks for all of you in prayer.

Andrew Bale said...

God bless you Carol.

God is good!

Can you believe that we get paid for this?

Much love and prayers


Brian's Blog said...

May God's annointing of you both grow stronger, and stronger.