Monday, 21 January 2008

Make me usuable

My aunt is moving house and kindly allowed me to take whatever books from her shelf as she no longer has any room for so many. I picked a little book by A, Paget Wilkes on Sanctification.

Here is a little snippet.

He quotes Brengle, "As Brengle says, "Don't pray Lord use, but make me usable." and goes on to say, " Oh how we have longed for that inward purity that absence of jealousy, pride and every evil work. Till we are free we are not meet for his use. That is the reason why we need a clean heart. God can then take us up as he pleases. He can put us down as he pleases for he knows we shan't grumble or murmur but will still praise him because we are satisfied with the Lord Jesus himself rather than with our service for him."

God bless


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