Monday, 7 January 2008


In my daily readings I am using a Bible plan which aims to help you read the whole Bible in one year. So for the past few days the readings have included, Noah getting drunk and lying naked outside his tent and long lists of hard to pronounce names. I am tempted to skip bits but have to take note of my own teaching on Sunday, that all Scripture is inspired by God. However at the moment I haven't been that inspired by Genesis 11:10-26 Oh well.

Yet I did think of this. After each bit of information in these verses about this or that descendent of Noah it says, "and had other sons and daughters" I wonder who these people were who didn't merit getting their name on the list. I suppose they are the same kind of nameless people whom we hear about on the news, "30 people were killed by a suicide bomber, or thousands have been displaced in Kenya following violent clashes...........................................Other sons and daughters, who we cannot know but who are thankfully known to God.

Or perhaps they are those "other sons and daughters" who just live their lives quietly who don't have the reward of great success or great renown. Perhaps the faithful saints whose names don't make the history books but one day we will see them mentioned in the Lambs book of life.
There are also those "other sons and daughters" who sadly are not mentioned or talked about because there is a family rift. There are those other sons and daughters who are missing from the church role now because they are prodigals.

So there was something to think about and to use as a launch for prayer after all.
Thank you Lord.

God bless


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